Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God is in the Small Stuff......

Bruce and Stan's newest book encourages readers not to disregard the minor, insignificant things in life. Rather, God Is in the Small Stuff...encourages a better understanding of God's infinite character, reminding readers that He is a personal and intimate God, involved in every detail of their lives, however minute. God Is In the Small Stuff...and it all matters contains 40 chapters, with titles such as "Remember that God Loves You," "Discipline Yourself (No One Else Will)," and "Contentment Won't Kill You." Each chapter includes an introductory commentary in the tongue-in-cheek Bruce & Stan style, followed by bits of pithy and sometimes humorous wisdom such as: God knows what's in our hearts. We might as well get right to the point.
God will never send a thirsty soul to a dry well.
God won't take away a sin until you give it over to Him.
The way you think about God does not define Him.

This is the latest book Giveaway going on on my Facebook page so make sure you go there and sign up. Would hate for you to miss out on such a wonderful book. Thanks and God Bless. Vicki

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